Top 14 Active & Outdoor Experiences to Do in and Around Prague (Yep, It Includes Beer)

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This maze of cobblestone streets and illuminated architecture sparks wonder and amazement. With its winding Vltava River, plenty of parks, and endless hillsides, Prague welcomes the outdoor lover to explore its beauty out in the fresh air. Venture outside of the capital city to find national parks, natural wonders, and more castles than you ever thought possible. Experience the highlights of this Central European jewel with an active twist on a number of outdoor activities.


1. Wander Prague Castle & Old Town Square


Prague Castle at night

Holding the title of the largest castle complex in the world, this UNESCO World Heritage Site consists of a palace, a cathedral, three churches, a monastery and defense walls dating back to the 9th century. Admire the architecture illuminated at night as you cruise in the open air on an evening riverboat tour or paddle along the water in a kayak.


Across the river in the heart of town, the Old Town Square bursts with color. Intricately decorated buildings face a central statue of Jan Hus, the church reformer and Bohemian hometown hero, and the high spires of the Tyn Cathedral peak out across the square from the grand St. Nicholas Church. Jog in and out of the tourist groups on a running tour that’s easy on the eyes but not so easy on the legs.

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Old Town Square

2. Walk the History of Wenceslas Square


Wenceslas Square

Originally called the “Horse Market,” Wenceslas Square has little to do with trading horses nowadays. Now the commercial and administrative center of the city, the square hosts a number of restaurants, shops, hotels, theatres, and more. Towering ahead is the National Museum and a statue of national patron St. Wenceslas. Wander down one of Czech Republic’s most socially and historically important landmarks where so many protests, parades, and celebrations took place.


3. Run Across Charles Bridge

Runners enjoying Charles Bridge. Photo via Charles Bridge

Prague’s famous Charles Bridge stretches over the Vltava River decorated with 30 Baroque statues. King Charles IV commissioned the bridge’s construction in 1357, and ever since it’s been providing citizens and visitors with sweeping views of the city. Feel the drama of the bridge as you jog over the river and feel your heart rate rise on a running tour through Prague’s city center.

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4. Bike to Karlstejn Castle

Karlstejn Castle peaks out among the trees

With no shortages of castles in the country, Karlstejn remains one of the most-loved in the Prague area. Locals love spending their weekend biking along the Vltava River to this Gothic structure. Set high on a hill, Karlsteijn overlooks the gentle hills of Bohemia. Founded by the famous King Charles IV to house the crown jewels, this historical landmark now makes for a scenic endpoint for a bike ride from Prague. Enjoy the Czech countryside and cycle to Karlstejn for a discovery full of nature and history.


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5. Hike Bohemia Switzerland National Park

Pravcicka Gate in autumn

Many people compare Prague to a fairytale, but the real fairytale land sits in the northwest corner of Czech Republic. The Bohemia Switzerland National Park’s landscape houses intricate sandstone rocks and thick forests. Green overflows everything from tree trunks to large boulders to the forest floor. Hiking through the area brings you to Pravcicka Gate, the largest natural arch in Europe. On a full-day guided tour through the park, admire the huge rocky structure, the fresh forest air, and the raw exploration only untouched nature can bring.

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6. Visit the Dancing House

Prague’s famous Dancing House

You’ll stop in your tracks the moment you see the Dancing House. Sticking out sharply among the Baroque buildings, this dynamic Cubist structure was inspired by the famous dancing pair Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Along with office space, there’s a lovely French restaurant and a rooftop bar inside. See architects Vlado Milunic and Frank Gehry’s creation as you float down the Vltava on a river cruise, cycle by on an ebike tour through the city, or cruise by on a riverboat tour.

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7. Cycle to Local Breweries

Bikers look out over a valley outside Prague’s city center

A visit to Prague wouldn’t be complete without a taste of the beer. While there are a few internationally known breweries, there are also over 400 microbreweries to explore. One of the local favorites is Uneticky Pivovar, and it’s just a mountain bike ride away from the city. Bike through nature preserves, parks, and valleys to reward yourself with a freshly brewed beer. Order a plate of duck and dumplings and you’ll never feel more Czech.

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8. Snap your Picture at the Lennon Wall

Say “cheese” at the Lennon Wall. Photo via Running Tours Prague

Originally a place to write protests about communism, the “Crying Wall” became the Lennon Wall after John Lennon’s death in 1980. Portraits of Lennon and messages of peace flooded the wall. The wall belongs to the Knights of Malta, who made it a legal spot for graffiti. Today the wall is a symbol of free speech and nonviolent rebellion. Take in the bright colors and write your own message during a stop on a running tour through the city.

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9. Explore the Prague Zoo

Giraffes graze the African Savanna at the Prague Zoo

Regarded as one of the best zoos in the world, the 58 hectares (140 acres) park of almost 4,200 animals and 650 species can easily fill your day. Since 1931, the zoo has been accumulating diverse exhibition spaces where you can get up close and personal with the animals. Dodge flying creatures in the Indonesian Jungle’s bat cave or walk among monkeys on Lemur Island. In high season, explore the two-and-a-half-hectare enclosure of the African Savanna, housing a giraffe, zebra, antelope, and ostrich. From March to October, make it a true adventure and catch the ferry from Stromovka Park over to the zoo. You won’t find the country’s national animal, a double-tailed lion, but you’ll come close!

10. Hike Bohemian Paradise

Rock formations in Bohemian Paradise

The Bohemian Paradise Nature Reserve is nothing short of pure nature bliss. Declared a UNESCO Geopark, the tall, narrow sandstone pillars peak out in between the treetops, reaching as high as 60 m. Weave in and out of these towering structures and climb rock steps for sweeping views over the “rock city.” Hike through the park and you’ll find caves, castles, and mazes of narrow passageways. Bohemian Paradise just plain rocks.

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11. See the City by E-bike

Happy bikers look out over Prague. Photo via ilikeebike

With so many must-see sites in the city, the best way to get around is by ebike. Ride all over the city and reach those high hills for incredible views over the orange rooftops and endless spires. Hit the main landmarks on a tour through the Old Town, then ride to the outer neighborhoods for the hidden highlights. You’ll be amazed by the history, the views, and the distance you covered.

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12. Canoeing Down the Sazava River

The Sazava River winds through a lush valley

If green is your favorite color, this trip through the lush Sazava River Valley is calling your name. The flowing water snakes through dense forests and sloping hillsides. Enjoy this picturesque route in a canoeing trip out on the water. Paddle down the river past dramatic rocks for a refreshing trip in lush nature. It’s just what the doctor ordered after a day of city sightseeing among the tourists.

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13. Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Countryside

While the architecture of Prague may amaze you, the landscape of the countryside beyond the dense urban center is just as stunning. With valleys, lakes, and forests, a hot air balloon ride reveals the unspoiled nature waiting outside the city. Float up in the sky over the small villages and historic castles dotting the land.

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14. Letna Park & Beer garden

Letna Beer garden

Letna Park ranks as one of Prague’s top central parks with wide expanses of green, paved sidewalks lined with trees, and plenty of panoramic viewpoints. A giant Stalin statue used to stand in the front and center of the park; however, this eyesore was soon replaced by a large metronome to commemorate the Czech struggles under communism. Cycle through the tree-lined paths on an e-bike tour and make a stop at the large Letna beer garden to enjoy a beer or soda with a side of phenomenal city views.

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