Scandinavia: 8-day excursion into wilderness

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Scandinavia might hide some of the purest nature of all Europe. If you love being outdoors, breathing in the fresh air and getting lost in the forest, you will love it here. The northern countries are a paradise for lovers of hiking and outdoor sports. So yes, nature comes first but make sure you spare some time for the cities too. Scandinavian design and architecture is famous all around the world. You will surely be impressed by it as well.

You could spend a month going around the Scandinavian Peninsula and it wouldn’t be enough. If you have just a week or two for your trip, you have to choose wisely what is your priority to see and experience. You can take our 8 day itinerary as an inspiration for your holiday plans. It will lead you from Sweden to Finland – from the south all the way up to Lapland in the north. You will visit the two capitals, recharge your soul in the wilderness and try some amazing outdoor activities on the way. Are you ready for an unforgettable road trip?

Day 1: The best of Stockholm

The capital city of Sweden must enchant every visitor. It has a little under a million inhabitants so it’s no big metropolis. The vibe of this city is very specific. It represents well the typical style of Scandinavian living. We encourage you to just wander through the streets and catch a glimpse of the local atmosphere. There are tons of good restaurants and cafés on every corner. Our food tip is the Swedish meatballs. They come in all the different variations. However, the most traditional ones are served with potato puree and lingonberry jam on the side. If you prefer a meat-free diet, you can still enjoy this famous meal. It’s not hard at all to find a vegan option. It is the legendary Ikea dish so you can either get them there or in one of the many restaurants which have them on the menu (for example Meatballs for the People).

You should definitely visit the Royal Palace – the residence of the Swedish royal family. Then the main church Riddarholmen Kyrka and the city hall. The perfect spot for the sunset would be at Monteliusvägen, which is probably the most popular view point in the city. You will be welcomed by beautiful scenery right in front of you.

Day 2: Kayaking adventure near Stockholm

Kayaks are very popular in Sweden. It is definitely because of the many beautiful lakes and rivers which offer endless opportunities for kayaking surrounded by wonderful nature. You can go on a day trip and explore the archipelago accompanied by a professional guide. Don’t worry if you’ve never sat in a kayak before. The waters around Stockholm are calm and perfect even for complete beginners. You will go between the little islands, admire the wildlife around you and then enjoy a delicious lunch prepared on a campfire.  Do you want to enjoy activities here at a cheaper price? Use the promocode Scandinavia_with_OutdoorVisit at the checkout for 5 % off! Don’t hesitate too much, the discount ends on July 3rd!

Doesn’t it sound like a perfect introduction to northern nature?

Enjoy the peaceful waters near Stockholm

Day 3: Take a ferry to Helsinki!

It is time to move to your next destination. It is nothing less than another Scandinavian capital. This time we are heading to Helsinki in Finland. The great thing is that you can get there from Stockholm quite easily on water. The two capitals are connected by ferry. Maybe it’s not the fastest way of transportation, but it is really a nice experience! You can enjoy the views at the sea and feel like a proper sailor for once.

Day 4: Hike around the Finnish capital

There is an amazing nature reserve just around the corner of the city. The walk leads mainly around the coast, which means you will get to enjoy views of the cold Baltic sea and the waves coming to the shore. Breathe the air of the forest mixed with the salty air coming from the sea. That must be nothing but the elixir of youth!

The route is not too demanding so it is rather active relaxation and meditation in the woods than proper fitness exercise. You will love how calm the nature is in this place, so unbothered by the city life.

Walk along the coast and enjoy the finest views

Day 5: Discover Helsinki a little more

Helsinki is even smaller and more peaceful than Stockholm but it has some great spots you should surely visit during your stay in the city. Let’s start with the most famous attraction. The sea fortress Suomenlinna doesn’t lie in the city but on a few small islands connected by bridges. It is no problem to get there from the centre. The ferry will take you to the entrance of the complex in 15 minutes. The fortress was built already in the 18th century and belongs to the most important places of Finnish history. Don’t miss out on this pearl!

In the city, walk around the harbour, make a stop at the city hall, the impressive Presidential Palace and the beautiful white cathedral Tuomiokirrko – one of the symbols of Helsinki.Visit the market hall Kaupahalli to get some yummy local food. Fish, fruit, vegetables… there is plenty of it all! The market is open every day.

Day 6: All the way to the north!

If you don’t mind a bit of a longer drive, set off to the north. Better spare a day for the transfer. It really takes a few hours, but it’s absolutely worth it! The nature at the south coast around the capital cities is surely breathtaking but it is Lapland which will blow you away completely. Around the polar circle, that is where the real wilderness begins. This area has very low population density so you have a better chance to bump into a moose than a human! Especially if you get on one of the many hiking routes.

Day 7: Wildlife at its best

And now our number one tip for all animal lovers out there! To see animals in their natural habitat is a completely different experience than observing them in a zoo. And what if the animal is a giant bear?

There are many bears living in the wild close to the Russian borders and you have a chance to spot them during an overnight experience. You can hide in a bear-watching cabin and get your camera ready. Of course there will be a guide who will make sure your night in the wild is safe and truly unforgettable in the best possible way. Even if the bear doesn’t show up, you won’t be bored. There are many other animals around such as reindeers, moose and fox so you will definitely have something to look at.

Meet the fauna of the north!

Day 8: Relax!

Last day? Take a proper rest. You will be tired after the night out anyway. Find a peaceful spot and enjoy the natural beauty around you. If you still have some energy, maybe you could try some yoga! Nothing crazy, just soft stretching. Such a beautiful natural setup calls for meditation. Keep the views in your memory so that you can always come back to them once you are back home.

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