Prague: The pearl of central Europe in 7 days

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Czechia is a lovely, rather small country lying in the very heart of Europe. Despite its size it has many things to offer and you definitely won’t be bored on your vacation there. Especially the capital city Prague is a famous pearl. It even won the award for the most beautiful city in the world! That must already mean something, right?

The city is full of history and you will be impressed by the amazing historical buildings and sights on every corner. But Prague isn’t just about sightseeing. It is a place full of events with rich cultural life and beautiful parks and riverside. More of the magical czech nature waits not far from the city centre. Let us take you to the golden Prague. With our local tips you will be able to plan an unforgettable trip which will satisfy people of culture as well as real outdoor souls!

Pro-tip: If you want to move fast around the city and do a little workout at once, rent a bike! There are many bike sharing services all around the centre. The most popular one is the Rekola company. You can easily download an app, scan the QR code and ride around. It will definitely be more fun than spending ages in the underground (even though it is said to be one of the nicest and cleanest in the world!).

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Day 1: Welcome to Prague

You have just arrived in the capital of beautiful historical streets and cheap beer! Take it easy. After you settle at your accommodation, go for a walk around the centre. Wenceslas Square is the biggest and most busy square in the city. You surely won’t miss the dominant: newly reconstructed National Museum proudly standing at the top of the square. The building is worth seeing from the outside but the visit of the collections is also highly recommended!

Continue down to the Old Town Square. While Wenceslas Square is the busy centre where locals mix with crowds of tourists, The Old Square is mainly a touristy spot. You can find there the unique Astronomical Clock with a little performance of moving apostles every hour. From there you can go through the Pařížská street – boulevard with all the expensive fancy shops – to the river. Walk along the coast in the direction to the National Theatre, another golden piece of czech architecture. Just around the corner you can find the best ice-cream store in the whole city (approved!) Creme de la Creme. They have tens of flavours both dairy and vegan. Locals know what’s good so be ready for a long line if you are coming on a hot summer day.

At the end of the day, it’s finally time for your first Prague beer. The best place to enjoy it would be at the river. Close to the Dancing House (an iconic piece of modern architecture worth seeing itself) is an entrance to the river side, a spot called Náplavka. There are people chilling and drinking all summer. Choose one of the boats turned into river bars and enjoy the views at the majestic Prague Castle.

Enjoy the walk through the streets of Prague

Day 2: Castle walk – Prague castle, Petřín hill and Kunsthalle

Today, you are going to discover one of the loveliest parks in Prague. Petřín hill is covered in cherry trees. In spring it offers an amazing blossom scenery and in summer much appreciated shadow. You can walk up the hill to the little „czech Eiffel Tower” which stands at the top. Continue in the direction to the Prague Castle. The path is truly beautiful, you will be blown-away by the views of the city lying underneath you.

Prague Castle is one of the biggest castle complexes in Europe. It is the seat of the president of the Czech Republic. You can immediately tell whether the head of the country is in the building or not. All you need to do is to look for a special presidential flag on the roof. It is there only when the president is there.

Most admirable part of Prague Castle is definitely the Saint Vitus cathedral which was built for more than 400 years!

From the castle you can catch a tram or walk down the stairs to Kunsthalle – a newly opened gallery of modern art. The building and the collections are super cool and will impress anyone interested in art.

Day 3: Canoeing trip!

You should know something about Czech people – they love canoeing! These trips on rivers are super popular in summer. People usually go for a weekend or even longer, sleep in camps, have a couple of beers and paddle with the flow of the river. It is great fun with friends or family.

If you are coming in summer, you have a chance to try this popular activity and feel like a local. If a multi-day trip is too much for you, you can book a one-day tour which will show you what it is all about. Once you get the taste of the friendly, laid-back atmosphere, you will understand why many Czechs go canoeing every year again and again. But wait, that’s not all! If you decide to book a multisport activity tour, you will also get a chance to try rock climbing and rappelling on a spot just by the river. The perfect day in nature can begin. If you want to enjoy these outdoorsy gems of Czech Republic even more, use the discount code that we are giving away for our readers! Insert the code Outdoor_Prague_Today at the checkout and save 10 % on any booking that exceeds €100 and invest the saved amount in the famous Czech draft beer, for instance!

Have fun like the locals

Day 4: Prague the hipster city

Letná is one of the most magical parts of Prague. If you are a fan of hipster caffés and vintage stores, you should definitely wander through the streets of Letná. There are so many of them that you won’t know what to choose. We can recommend for example Cobra – a spot with interesting design, amazing coffee throughout the day and cocktails in the evening. Or Letka café.

Walk to Letná park. It is located on the hill and it is a popular area of the skating community in Prague so you will be able to observe crazy jumps and tricks! The best spot in the park is without a doubt the Metronome, which replaced the giant Stalin statue. That used to stand there in the times of communism. Today it is a popular spot for young people who come there to enjoy a drink and chat. Sometimes there are music events as well. But it’s worth coming just for the view – it is definitely one of the best ones you can get in the city! Just the perfect place to be for sunset.

Day 5: Have fun on kayaks

Would you like to discover the downtown differently? Kayaking tour is a way to go! Kayaks are so much fun and easy even for beginners. The water flow in the Vltava river is slow and peaceful so you don’t have to be afraid that you would end up in the water.

You will start your paddling at Rašínovo Embankment where you can enjoy the views over beautiful cubist villas. Later you will pass Podolí Waterworks and slowly continue towards the Old Town. Soon enough you will enjoy the views at the Prague castle and Charles Bridge.

And at the end? You will be close to Náplavka again! Something tells us that you might fancy a beer or two in one of the floating bars. After all, this place is popular among locals for a good reason. It just makes you want to come back more than once.

You don’t get to enjoy kayaks with a view like this every day!

Day 6: Experience czech land from above!

Your vacation has been great so far, right? But it’s time to take it to another level. If you’ve never been in a balloon before, trust us that it is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. And you won’t regret it if you make this happen in the Czech Republic. 

Czech landscape is just pitaresqually beautiful. You will see forests and fields, little hills and a historic Chateau Konopiste. There will be views which you will surely remember for the rest of your life. Only birds get to see it in that way!

Magical, right?

Day 7 – Vinohrady

It’s time for you to pack, but if you still have a few moments to spend in Prague, you should visit the city part of Vinohrady. Together with Letná, it is one of the nicest areas with plenty of amazing Cafés and restaurants. Special recommendation goes to Moment (vegan bistro) and Happy Bean Bistro (delicious breakfasts!). If you are a book lover, you shouldn’t miss the cutest little bookshop in Prague Booktherapy.

Your walk will lead you to two significant churches – Church of St Ludmila (beautiful neo-Gothic building) and the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord (this one is an exceptional piece of modern architecture). Finish in Rieger Gardens – a park with a stunning view. 

That’s it, friends! Prague has so much to offer, we are sure you won’t even want to leave. But remember you will be always welcomed to come back any time! Check our website for more activities in Czech Republic and other fairytale destinations!

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