How Do Girls Pee in a Sea Kayak?

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Original article written by Jana Tylová, seasoned kayaking enthusiast.

When you find yourself in a sea kayak far from shore, a certain complication might arise for you as a woman. Especially if, before heading out, you forgot to squat behind a tree as a preventative measure, and you also drank a full pot of tea at breakfast. Men have an easier time relieving themselves in general, and certainly when it comes to a kayak, but what about us? Stay calm, there is a way! In fact, I’ve got a number of helpful tips for this situation.

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Author of article, Jana Tylová, testing out the methods with a whale in the background, Photo: Michal Tyl

It’s common – and often unexpected – to find yourself in a situation where you can’t disembark. You are either so far from shore that turning back would be an unacceptable delay, or you are moving through steep rocky cliffs where you simply can’t get out of your kayak. In these situations, you can utilize a number of approaches. Which one you choose depends on your comfort level – and courage. I suggest practicing in calm waters before going for it on the sea’s dynamic surface.

Kayaker moving through calm waters

Meet the Shewee

The first and arguably easiest option is to urinate into a can with the help of a tool made for women to pee whilst standing: the shewee. When I first got this strange looking thing as a joke gift from my mom, I had a nice laugh and threw it into the back of my closet. I had no idea that a few years later, it would become one of my trusty necessities. It may sound funny, but believe me – in a dire situation, you’ll be overjoyed to have this crafty little thing with you.

Taking off your pants (which often come with suspenders) in your kayak on the open sea means you’re halfway there. Your buddy in an adjacent kayak can grab your kayak’s bow, for instance, and help you avoid tipping over. After that, all you need to do is raise your bum, position your tool as it’s meant to be positioned, and go. Best to “go” into a water bottle or some sort of container. 

Your second option is the same as your first, but without a shewee. I don’t recommend this because it can get much too tricky. Though it is quite easy for men, it loses it simplicity when it comes to women. But, should you drop your shewee overboard and be forced to watch it dramatically float away forever – which is exactly what once happened to me – you’ll be left with no other choice. Well, there is the third option, of course; while logistically more demanding, it sure is fun. Unless you are exploring the icy northern seas; that makes option three much less entertaining.

The Acrobatic Approach – Made for the Brave

Woman leaping off kayak in the Mediterranean Sea

The third option requires a bit of flexibility and a second kayak (and looks nothing like the picture above, so you can breathe a sigh of relief).

Your friend in the other kayak grabs onto yours in about the first third; holding onto that spot will prevent the kayak from turning. You stand up, remain in your own boat with one leg and place your other leg somewhere into the back part of the other kayak. One inconvenience is that you have to fully take off one pant leg, or else you aren’t able to spread your legs apart quite enough. Although this approach might seem a bit wild, we recommend at least trying it out. If nothing else, it’s definitely worth the laughs!

The “Someone Else Deal with This, I Want to Pee on Solid Ground” Solution

Don’t quite feel like attempting gymnastics just to “take care of business”? You can always take a kayaking tour and let your guide worry about getting you to shore every few hours for a proper bathroom break. Check out some top kayaking tours in awesome locations here, and feel free to ask about how the guide handles bathroom breaks – it’s a much more common question than you may think. 

Do you know of any other ways to relieve yourself on a sea kayak? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. From my experience, this is the only way to pee safely in waves. Much more dofficult though with a drysuit 😉

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