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The DOs & DON’Ts of Your Winter Trip to Prague

Ah, Prague. The fairytale land you knew you’d one day visit – and that day is almost here. So, make the most of it....
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How Do Girls Pee in a Sea Kayak?

When you find yourself in a sea kayak far from shore, a certain complication might arise for you as a woman. Especially if, before...
3 2 min read

Winter Just Might Be Iceland’s Most Beautiful Season

Iceland in the winter? A lot less freezing than you may think. The “Land of Natural Wonders” never earns its name more than during...
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Top 11 Outdoor Activities in Madeira – And Why You Don’t Have to Wait Until Summer to Do Them

A destination unlike any other, Madeira is an anomaly in the best sense of the word. Although associated with Europe, it is geographically closer...
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Where to Find Dolphins, Whales, and Turtles in Tenerife

There is something about dolphins and whales that feels familiar. When you enter their natural habitat and they boldly approach you, it feels like...
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Travel Experience Start-Up OutdoorVisit Is Ready to Go Global

Czech start-up OutdoorVisit is aiming to offer its customers the most incredible outdoor experiences all across the world. This simple concept is surprisingly unique,...
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