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A Beginner’s Complete Guide to Sea Kayaking

You see them all the time, those paddlers out on the water. Perhaps you’re wondering how they started their adventure. Or maybe you’ve taken...
2 5 min read

This is the Best Time to Visit Prague

What time of year should you book your trip to Prague? Easy.
0 2 min read

Top 13 Outdoor Activities in Fuerteventura, Both In and Out of the Water

The seven islands and numerous islets creating the Canary Islands are each captivating in their own way. The mountainous Fuerteventura sits on the east end...
1 5 min read

Top 12 Outdoor Activities in Sao Miguel Island, Azores

Travel 1,360 km (850 mi) west from the coast of Europe and you’ll find nine dreamy islands and tiny scattered islets. The Azores, an autonomous region of...
0 6 min read

Top 16 Outdoor Activities in Iceland

Iceland. You know it has ice, but what else? The vast glaciers,  powerful waterfalls, winding fjords, and volcanic flavor create a striking landscape unlike any other....
0 7 min read

5 Great Reasons to Visit Madeira ASAP (Warning: May Not Convince Your Boss)

This isn’t our claim. This is what the World Travel Awards, the Oscars of tourism, have been saying.
1 2 min read

Top 14 Active & Outdoor Experiences to Do in and Around Prague (Yep, It Includes Beer)

This maze of cobblestone streets and illuminated architecture sparks wonder and amazement. With its winding Vltava River, plenty of parks, and endless hillsides, Prague...
1 5 min read

OutdoorVisit Ready for Web Summit 2018

The Czech company will be featured during the conference as one of the most promising travel startups worldwide.
0 1 min read

Why You Have to Visit Sella Del Diavolo, in Sardinia

The story of Sella del Diavolo began when demons, fallen angels, lost sheep – or any other evil creature you can name – fell...
1 1 min read

Top 15 Outdoor Activities in Tenerife

Island.  The word conjures up sunny beaches and swaying palm trees. But Tenerife is no ordinary tropical escape. This volcanic stretch of land in...
1 5 min read