Cancellation Policy

All cancellations, both made by the supplier or the customer, have to be made via booking platform or via our customer support at

Cancellations made by the customer

The customer has the right to cancel a confirmed reservation any time up to the beginning of the event.

For most activities, the customer has the right to cancel up to 24 before the event with a reimbursement of 100% refund of the paid amount. In such a case the supplier will not receive any payment.

Some activities have different cancellation conditions. These conditions are always stated in the detail of the activity in the section “Cancellation conditions”. For each activity, the customer is always bound by the Cancellation conditions found in the detail description of the relevant activity.

In case of the customer cancels later than stated in the Cancellation conditions for the relevant activity, the customer will not receive any refund. The supplier will receive 100 % of the price he was supposed to be paid, same as if the customer hasn’t canceled the activity.

Statutory cancellation possibilities are exempt from these regulations.

Cancellations made by the supplier

The contract may be cancelled by the supplier only in exceptional cases, such as if unforeseeable or unavoidable external circumstances make it impossible or extremely difficult or dangerous to carry out the service. In such or similar extreme cases, the supplier can cancel a confirmed reservation any time up to the beginning of the actual event. As soon as possible, the supplier must inform all relevant customers and the Platform immediately and process the cancellation through the Platform support.

In case of cancellation of a booking made by the supplier, the customer will receive a full refund of what he has already paid and the supplier will receive no payment.